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About our Meetings


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For an informal group such as ours, a meeting is really just an opportunity to get together to play some music!  We meet each month on the SECOND SUNDAY of the month (That's new - it used to be the first Sunday but that bumps into too many holidays.) 

We'll play all our favorites and probably some of your favorites too. We might even do a request if it's a good one. Feel free to bring a guitar (and small amp) and join in, or just enjoy the music and the great selection of coffees and treats. If you hear something that catches your interest, just ask and whoever was responsible to explain or show you how it was done.

If you haven't joined us before, as they say on the radio, "Why not?" You are welcome to just stop by for a listen, or  join in. (We play "amplified acoustic" - only because the cappuccino machines and refrigerators create a bit of background noise.)

Remember — listeners are more than welcome as well! Who knows what you might hear! Occasionally we have visiting fiddle or bass players — one time we had a very good saw player! But mostly it's a chance to share that great guitar sound of tunes by Chet & Tommy, jazz tunes, old swing tunes, blues tunes, and anything else that comes to mind.

About Us...

We are a diverse group of like-minded folks that really enjoy playing and listening to good guitar music, especially fingerstyle.

We are based in the western suburbs of Philly.  We get together for informal afternoon jam sessions, and occasionally also host concerts, workshops, and other special events featuring outstanding musicians.

Some of our notable past guests include:
    Tommy Emmanuel
    Pat Donohue

    Stephen Bennett
    Richard Smith & Julie Adams
    Peppino D'Agostino
    Pete Huttlinger
    Adrian Legg
    Muriel Anderson
    Ernie Hawkins
    Tom Doyle
    Buster B. Jones
    Steve White
    Dan LaVoie
    Robert Anderson
    Bob Evans
    Brooks Williams
    Peter Lang
    John Goldie
    Duck Baker
    Clive Carroll